Visual Storytelling and Notetaking

Visual Storytelling and Notetaking

A collection of visual notes created to communicate stories and ideas

Over the years, I have practiced visual notetaking as a way to synthesize complex ideas into simple graphics. In my experiences, both in the workplace and in my daily life, visual notes have become an efficient way to share stories, capture key information, and bring shared understanding to a group.

UCLA Community School Journey

A visualization of how UCLA partnered with Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to provide enrichment programs for students.

Billions Institute Keynote Presentation

Notes captured during a keynote presentation depicting the Billions Institute’s “Model for Unleashing,” their framework for scaling solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

Team Poster Collaboration

A poster of our work team produced during a Sketchnote Workshop I facilitated to encourage teammates to depict their ideas visually.